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haida gwaii



Haida Gwaii is the ancestral territory of the Haida Nation. This storm battered archipelago of
150 rocky islands off British Columbia’s West Coast is tricky to access at times, which only adds
to its allure. With its diverse plant and animal life (the area is nicknamed Canada’s Galapagos),
and monumental poles and longhouses, there is something new to learn for everyone. 


The islands are home to dramatic landscapes, abundant wildlife, and some of the world’s richest
heritage, home to more than 500 archeological sites. Haida Gwaii’s climate produces lush vegetation
and abundant wildlife. Eagles , Bears and groups of Sitka deer are often seen on the
grassy clearings along Highway 16.


The Prestine waters of Haida Gwaii are  host to some of,

if not  the world's best Salmon fishing. We have incredible runs of Spring , Coho , Chum and Pink Salmon. The waters are  rich with  halibut , ling cod and dungenous crabs as well.

At SAM'S PLACE we offer local charter service thru Majesticharters .  To check  availability and Pre-book your trip, go to



Razor clams can also be found on the beaches of Haida Gwaii.

Just up the road from Sam's Place you'll  arive at North Beach.  This local treasure is an especally good beach for unearthing a few of these yummy molluscs. 

Knowing where and how to dig them are a big  part of the adventure . We provide a bit of direction and guidance to our customers for the pursuit, as well as clam shovels ,buckets and local tide tables. Happy hunting!


Crabbing for Dungenous crab on Haida Gwaii couldnt be easier. During the spring and summer months the crabs migrate to the beach where they can be scouped up with dip nets at low tide . Netting crab is an  exciting experence and a great way  to gather enough of this delicacy to have a delicious crab feed for you and your friends.

SAM'S PLACE guests are provided with dip nets, crab measurers and outdoor crab cooker upon request !!

bon apitite!

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